Sample Our Blinds, Shades and Draperies in Your Home

While you may fall in love with a set of blinds or draperies at a store, you may discover they’re not the best fit for your home’s interior design. With Creative Draperies’ Shop at Home service, you can view samples, and compare the various options alongside your home’s décor. Shop at Home is the best way to decide which styles and colours work best for you.

All it Takes is One Phone Call

The process is easy.

1. Call

Call Creative Draperies to set up an appointment.

2. Visit

We will visit with you at your home, take a look at your windows, show off various samples and discuss the type of style you’re after.

3. Design

Our design consultant will offer suggestions and help you select from the multitude of colours, patterns and styles we offer.

4. Quote

Once you’re happy with a particular set of shades, blinds or draperies, we will take measurements and provide you with a free quote.

Most Shop at Home sessions take as little as one hour.

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Call Creative Draperies and ask about our Shop at Home service, today!