Install Motorized Blinds
in Your Home

Perfect Lighting, Perfect Comfort

With motorized blinds, getting the right amount of sunlight into the room is as easy pressing a button on a remote, wall-mounted switch — or even your smart phone or tablet. Your blinds can even be paired with an app or timer so they automatically adjust to the sun’s position each day — even during daylight savings time.

Hunter Douglas' Motorized Blinds

One of our favourite motorized brands is Hunter Douglas. These “intelligent shades” can easily be adjusted using the Hunter Douglas Pebble™ Remote Control or Scene Controller. The Surface Remote can also be wall-mounted for easy access. In true Hunter Douglas fashion, you can even control your motorized blinds through your iPhone, iPad or Android device. To learn more about Hunter Douglas’ motorized blinds, visit the official website, or call Creative Draperies at 506-452-1616 today!

Save Energy with Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds make it easy to block excess sunlight, especially in the morning and evening hours when direct sunlight unevenly heats your indoor spaces and causes screen glare. Excessive solar heat not only reduces your level of comfort, but also causes your air conditioner to work overtime, adding unnecessary costs to your energy bill.

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